What customers are saying about us

“For the past six years, Steve Nelson has provided annual CPR, Automated External Defibrillator and oxygen administration training to our staff.  Steve is a very skilled instructor with a dynamic, hands-on approach that makes the learning experience both interesting and fun. I recommend him wholeheartedly"

John Maness, Chief Investigator
San Mateo County, Private Defenders Program


"My wife and I took a private lesson with Steve Nelson, the owner of First Response Tactical.  We had previously taken the NRA Basic Pistol class with Steve so were familiar with his teaching style.

Our total handgun experience prior to this lesson consisted of the basic class and 3 sessions at various ranges so we are both novices.  Steve emphasizes safety and the lesson began with a refresher.  The three hours were packed with drills and resulted in a substantial improvement in our basic performance plus introduction of new techniques and drills that could be performed at home.  

My wife had been uncomfortable handling a larger caliber, but Steve transitioned her off the 22lr handgun immediately and by the end of the session her comfort level and performance with the 9mm had increased dramatically.  I was able to learn the basics of using a holster and identify some grip and trigger issues to work on.  

I would definitely recommend Steve for either group or private instruction"

Richard T.


This class delivered. Let me start by saying this was my second CCW class that I have taken. Steven made the classroom portion easily understood and applicable to circumstances that can come up and cause a person to have to draw a firearm. During the class it was also detailed what to do AFTER drawing a weapon, which is something I had not considered and this issue was not covered in the class I took from another organization. Steven keeps his class sizes small to make sure everyone gets the attention they need and keeps everyone feeling safe and comfortable during the dry-fire and live-fire portions of the class. Overall, I believe this is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to continue his or her gun safety/education. I look forward to taking other classes soon.

Steve B


I recently took a private pistol course with Steve Nelson of First Response Tactical.  I started out with no gun experience and very afraid of them.  By the end of the course the major fear I had was gone!  My lesson with Steve was worth every cent!  He was very patient and worked closely with me to help me overcome my fear and teach me the importance of hand gun safety.  He also taught me the importance of properly handling and using a Pistol.  I was able to rent a Pistol from him for the course and tried a few different ones.  He gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with purchasing a gun.  When I'm ready to advance my training, it will definitely be with Steve.

Deena M.